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The Elo TouchSystems 19C2 All-in-One touchcomputer platform leverages the same quality, performance, configurations and design as our popular B-Series 15″ and 17″ POS touchcomputer systems. The 19C2 offers bigger, brighter displays in a wide-aspect ratio. This makes the C-Series an excellent choice for retail point-of-information, countertop product demonstration or customer information systems. In addition, hospitality host and seating systems that depend on an accurate display of restaurant layouts can utilize the wide screen of the C-Series and the additional screen space available to display their seating/floorspace.

ELO TouchSystems 19C2 Touchcomputer Video


ELO 19C2, All-in-One Desktop Touchcomputer (IntelliTouch Plus Touch Technology, No O/S, Worldwide) - Color: Dark gray

£ 809.99 ex VAT
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