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BarTender is a software that makes designing professional quality labels an easy task. A few clicks of the mouse will combine barcodes, graphics and textual information into the most professional labels. Its benefits and uses extend to encoding RFID tags, customizing labels with the aid of organized menus and “pop-up” dialogs in easily comprehendible instructions. Even a novice can use this software with ease, without fear of making mistakes since the powerful “undo” command can reverse any action.

BarTender helps the user make a label just the way he wants it, placing objects and graphics according to his preference, filling in text and barcodes, and rotation possible with precision levels of up to one-tenth of a degree. It helps turn one's imagination into reality. BarTender follows Microsoft's user interface guidelines so anyone having used any Windows program would be able to navigate through this software as well and design his labels with ease.

Bartender is equipped with a design mode that allows an accurate ‘real-time' view of the label created, with a Print Preview feature that can read external data sources and display the way the label will look after printing. Last minute changes can be incorporated before the final label is ready without having to waste any printing effort.

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BarTender Automation 9.4, licensed for 50 printers & unlimited users per site.

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