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MAC S Series 3100

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The MAC is a Mobile Application Cart or in simple terms, a mobile work station designed to fit the requirements of companies wishing to reduce costs, improve the quality of service and get highly accurate results that will help to enhance productivity levels. The MAC provides more flexibility with independent power supply, and being rugged in construction, it meets both outdoor and indoor requirements of businesses. It can be used for applications like in-aisle printing, cross dock relabeling, inventory management, packing etc, which can be done at the point of action. Its accelerated data capture helps to save time.

The MAC S Series 3100 is one of the various models available, and by far the most economical, cost saving work station. Compact in size, modular in design, and incorporating all the unique features of the MAC, it facilitates dynamic operation, cuts wasteful trips back and forth to collect tags, equipment and labels, typical of warehouses. This single point of operation thus enhances efficiency

Unique ID MAC S Series 3100 Mobile Cart Video

Unique ID MAC S Series 3100 Mobile Cart Features

Features include:

  • Integrated power supply- it is provided with seamless, rechargeable power supply that allows computers, scanners and printers to run for over 8 hours with a single charge.
  • High mobility- The 3100 has a narrow profile and can be easily maneuvered though thin alleys with no special effort and its 3” swivel rubber wheel can be locked to stay at a point.
  • Modular- it comes with numerous accessories that are optional but enable customizing of the MAC as per individual requirements.
  • Has a plastic dome base and is made out of steel with an adjustable height. Powder coated paint adds to its durability.
  • Can be used in retail, warehouses and distribution centers
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MAC 3100

Mobile Autoid Work Station

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