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Casio has introduced a new scanner, the DT-X7, that is a path breaking innovation to facilitate all scanning activities. As a handheld terminal, it is light and fits easily into the palm, and its dimpled finish in texture makes the grip stronger. It aims to bring unparalleled scanning success since it is designed to aim the scanner at the precise angle in the first shot with no maneuvering required. With no misses or wasted attempts, it makes the pace of scanning much faster and thus provides higher efficiency. With three scanning trigger keys, it can be held in either hand and in any position.

The Casio DT-X7 works in all kinds of environments and can bear harsh conditions as well. Its advanced functions enable flawless performance with its learning feature, scan verification beam, width control, buzzer and confirmation through a vibration alert, and so on. Meant for scanning all barcode symbologies including linear and 2D barcodes, some of the models come with laser scanners while others have a C-MOS imager that can also click pictures.

Its other features include the Windows CE 5.0 operating system, a build in high fidelity speaker for voice guidance which is a big time saver. Wireless communication is enabled through the Bluetooth connectivity feature, with internal IEEE802.11b wireless LAN module as an option.

Casio DT-X7 Handheld Computer Video

Casio DT-X7 Handheld Computer Features

Features include:

  • Convenient, ergonomically designed handheld terminal
  • Weighs only 149 grams, and therefore not tiring even after hours of use
  • Wireless connectivity and other options for real time sharing of information
  • Flawless aiming system for quick scanning
  • IP 54 sealing against dust and splashes


Casio Dt-X7M10R2 Bluetooth 802.11 B/G And Laser Scanner Mobile Handheld Terminal / Industrial Pda

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Casio Dt-X7M30R WLAN Bluetooth And Cmos Scanner Mobile Handheld Terminal / Industrial Pda

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