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The Casio IT-3100 from Casio is a multi-functional data terminal for industrial use. It comes in handy for applications like mobile ticketing and sales, with its light weight, ergonomic design and rugged exterior that can withstand dusty and dirty environments. As a handheld terminal it ensures secure data storage and high levels of accuracy reduce the wastage of time.

The Casio IT3100 is a class apart due to the speed and security it offers. It includes a high speed thermal printer that prints at fast speeds of 28 lines per second, wireless communication options, Microsoft Windows CE 6.5 operating system, optional magnetic card reader and C-MOS Imager. It has a Bluetooth capability and IrDA interfaces, and offers expansion options PC card and SD card slots. It can be used in a WLAN and GPRS environment.

The large touch display provides higher visibility. The LCD screen has transflective color with 240x320 pixels. It comes with special Casio display technology that provides exceptional clarity in dark and bright environments. The brightness sensor switches on automatically when required. It also has an elastic strap to facilitate single hand use for hours. Servicing is easy and paper rolls can be replaced by users effortlessly in a few minutes. This reduces downtime and printing can resume almost immediately. As a tough terminal it has been designed to withstand multiple drops and last in subzero temperatures ranging from -20 to +50 degrees. This makes it ideal for applications like logistics, courier and shipping, sales, ticketing and other services. It serves for internal industry applications as well.

Casio IT-3100 Handheld Computer Video

Casio IT-3100 Handheld Computer Features

Features include:

  • An integrated thermal printer that gives superior performance
  • IP54 sealing for dust and moisture resistance
  • Ergonomic design, and elastic strap added to aid single hand use for long hours
  • Rugged construction to operate in all environments
  • Can withstand 4 ft drops
  • Microsoft Windows CE 5.0
  • Optical imager and magnetic card reader
  • Long lasting battery
  • Self service possible for quick replacement of paper rolls


Casio It-3100 Wince5.0 Ram 64Mb F-Rom 64Mb, Colour 3.5" 2Way Qvga: 80MM Printer BT - Cmos Imager

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Casio It-3100, Windows Ce 5.0, Integrated 80MM Printer, Bluetooth

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