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Fans of Apple iOS and Google's Android could have long enjoyed a tablet, but with the advent of the AT-103G get ATP from now on Windows enthusiasts in their hearts. The AT-103 ATP is the first tablet with Windows 7 Home Premium on board. This decision will not have a tablet PC functionality, but a full computer in tablet form. Thus, the ATP-103G 160 GB hard drive, a mini-VGA port, an SD card reader and built-in speakers. Furthermore, you control the tablet with the child's 10-inch touchscreen. Also a 1.3-megapixel camera has been thought, and through WiFi or 3G available anywhere you have high speed internet.

The AT Tablet, with its extensive features an excellent replacement for your home computer. Composing with the virtual keyboard across the width can be shown because we did. Through the mini-VGA connector is also an external display to connect. Even if you already have an excellent home PC's are ATP AT-103G worth. With the full capabilities of the Windows operating system you're in the full access to your email, Office files and the Internet. And listening to music or watching a movie is as comfortable as home. Can you all the comforts of Windows 7 Home Premium happening? Now go out the door with the AT-103G ATP.

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Windows 7 Home Premium, 3G HSDPA, 160GB Hard Drive, 1.3MP Camera, Speakers And Microphone, USB Port, MiniVGA, Bluetooth, WiFi, 3300mAH Battery

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