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The Motorola DS3508 digital scanners are rugged and omnidirectional that provide the ideal data capture facilities in harsh and tough environments. The design incorporates the latest breakthrough digital imaging technology and is therefore able to quickly and flawlessly scan 1D and 2D barcodes, Direct Part Marks (DPM) and images, and also support Unique Item Identification (IUID).

The DS3508 series comes in a number of models with varying features that can meet all kinds of user requirements for data capture across a broad spectrum of industries. There is one standard version, one high density version and one that is meant for DPM, IUID support and image capture requirements.

The DS3508 has the advantage of capturing DPM, 1D and 2D barcodes at exceptionally high speeds. It is ideal for production environments where fast pace is the standard norm and quick scanning solutions are imperative. The DS3508 with its CMOS image sensors provide accurate scanning results with lowest processing time. Its 624 MHz microprocessor helps to scan a barcode in milliseconds, irrespective of size or density. Its fast pulse illumination is the latest technology which is waiting to get a patent. The super fast shutter sensor speed enables capturing 60 frames per second. Motion tolerance is high and this helps deliver even better results. Omni-directional scanning helps in saving time and easing the process without any alignment of barcodes and beams.

Motorola DS3508 Handheld Barcode Scanner Video

Motorola DS3508 Handheld Barcode Scanner Features

Features include:

  • Rugged scanners suitable for harsh industrial environments
  • IP65 sealing against dust and moisture
  • Omnidirectional scanning makes it easy to operate
  • Breakthrough digital imaging technology
  • Meets diverse data capture needs
  • Available in 3 models to meet diverse user requirements
  • Superfast data capture speeds
  • Enhances efficiency and cuts costs
  • Scratch resistant exit window
  • Bright LEDs and beeper with adjustable volume

Motorola DS3508 USB Kit: DS3508 Rugged 1D-2D Imager Scanner (DS3508-SR, 7 ft. STR USB CB)

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