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The Motorola CS3000 has open Bluetooth capability, making it the idea choice to connect and transfer data seamlessly to smart phones and Tablet PC’s, including the Iphone and Blackberry as well as any other smart phone with Bluetooth. Its open Bluetooth connection will also allow it to connect with Tablet Computers like the Ipad, Motorola Xoom or Blackberry Playbook.

If you need more information on how the CS3000 can be integrated with your existing infrastructure please contact or team of specialists.

The new pioneering Motorola CS3000 Series is a cost effective 1D laser scanner meant to replace expensive, traditional scanners. It also eliminates mobility inhibiting factors in the business since it is highly portable with its small size that fits into pockets and lanyards. Ideally suited for the mobile workforce needing basic barcode scanning facilities for specific applications, it enhances their capabilities and efficiency levels. As the latest and most advanced data capture solution, the palm sized scanner comes with a Bluetooth for easy access. It will facilitate applications in the supply chain, retail, direct store delivery and facilities management segment. Processing of orders, scanning inventory and providing customers with updated information all add up to enhance productivity.

  • Highly flexible 1D laser scanner
  • Very reasonably priced that offers value for money and cost savings
  • Comes with a long 24 hour batch or 12 hour Bluetooth mode battery life that ensures long hours of productivity on a single charge
  • Small, portable and easy to carry for the man on the move
  • Easy and simple to use with a 2-button design
  • Integrates easily with host devices
  • Non volatile memory of 512 MB that can store up to a million scans and retain critical data in batch operations
  • Lightweight with a weight of 70 grams only
  • Superb performance of even damaged barcodes or even poorly printed ones
  • Durable with IP40 sealing and can withstand 250 drops from a distance of 4 ft.
  • Reliable operations in real world applications

Motorola CS3000 Cordless Barcode Scanner Video


Motorola CS3000 USB Kit: Batch scanner Kit: 1D laser, 512MB flash, USB Cable. NOTE: FOR NA, LA & EMEA ONLY

This part number is replaced by CS3000-SR10007WW

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Motorola CS3070 USB Kit: Batch, Bluetooth scanner Kit: 1D laser, 512MB flash, USB Cable. NOTE: FOR NA, LA & EMEA ONLY

This part number is replaced by CS3070-SR10007WW

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CS30X0 Cradle: One slot, Power over USB, works with both batch and Bluetooth versions of the scanner

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Neck lanyard

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Wrist lanyard

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Motorola CS3000 Cordless Barcode Scanner More info

The Motorola CS3000 is suitable for use in standalone mode for barcode scanning in batches, while the CS3070 offers both batch scanning and real time barcode data transmission with the aid of a Bluetooth. The Bluetooth eases access to host applications on smart phones, laptops, etc. The ensuing simplified business processes are error free and therefore ensure higher efficiency levels. The series is also the most affordable of 1D scanners.

Motorola CS3000 Cordless Barcode Scanner Specification

   Bluetooth Radio: Bluetooth, Class 2, Version 2.1 + Enhanced Data Rate (EDR)
   Bluetooth Range: 30 ft./10 m
   Bluetooth Profiles: HID keyboard wedge and Serial Port Profile (SPP)
   Radio: CS3070: EN 300 328

   Interfaces Supported: USB (Mini jack): CS3000 and CS3070 Bluetooth: CS3070

   Memory: 512MB Flash
   Memory Capacity: Over 1 million barcodes(UPC with time date stamp)

Performance Characteristics
   Decode Capability: 1D symbologies
   Interfaces Supported: USB (Mini jack): CS3000 and CS3070 Bluetooth: CS3070

Physical Characteristics
   Dimensions: 3.41 in. L x 1.95 in. W x .87 in. H 8.65 cm L x 4.95 cm W x 2.2 cm H
   Weight: With batteries: 2.45 oz./70 gm
   Battery: 780 mAh Lithium ion

   Radio: CS3070: EN 300 328

User Environment
   Operating Temperature: 32° to 104° F /0° to 40° C
   Storage Temperature: -40° to 158° F /-40° to 70°C
   Humidity: 10 to 95% noncondensing
   Drop Specification: 4 ft./1.21 m drop to tiled linoleum over concrete, 6 drops per 6 sides, across the operating temperature range

   Warranty: Warranted against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of twelve (12) months