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The Unitech MS337H is a specialized scanner exclusively designed for the healthcare industry to meet its very specific requirements. Rugged and handheld, the scanner includes a 2D imager and is constructed with an anti-microbial enclosure to meet the scanning needs of healthcare professionals at the point of care.

The MS337H provides accurate solutions for scanning needs and helps to get rid of the possibility of human errors in data entry. This enhances operational efficiency. It comes with real omni-directional 2D area scanning technology, a high resolution image sensor and a wide angle lens. Thus it can accurately read all types of barcodes despite damage, curving or fading. It serves the purpose of scanning patient identification bracelets and medication labels, and this in turn reduces the paperwork burden on healthcare professionals, who can focus on patient care instead.

Besides anti-microbial housing necessary for keeping patient areas sterile and disinfected, it has a powerful decoder, can withstand drops to concrete from 5 feet, and its PC-based software brings flexibility and customizable features. It can easily integrate into existing networks and function as a part of the user workflows. Its firmware upgrades and support and service packages make it even more convenient to have at the medical work place.

The MS337H can work as a hands free scanner from its base, can work both indoors and outdoors and deliver flawless results in darkness as well as bright sunlight.

Unitech MS337H Handheld Barcode Scanner Video

Unitech MS337H Handheld Barcode Scanner Features

Features include:

  • CMOS image scanner with 1.2 MPs
  • Antimicrobial housing for medical environments
  • Reads 1D and 2D barcodes and optional OCR
  • USB interface
  • Can stand 5 ft drops
  • Image transfer
  • FirstFlash with an integrated illumination SwiftDecoder


Unitech MS337H USB Kit: Healthcare Scanner, White, 2D Imager, Pistol Grip, Corded USB Interface, USB Cable

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