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Vehicle Mount Terminal

The Motorola VC6096 is an In-Vehicle/Fixed-Mount mobile Computer that offers complete solutions for logistic providers and transport applications. It effectively helps to enhance customer service, reduce costs incurred, improve vehicle utilization and safety levels, and maximize driver productivity. It has been designed keeping in mind Truck Load, Less Than Truck Load and Over the Road operations offering wireless voice and data capabilities despite tough road conditions and yet delivers flawless results. It offers GPS and Telematics support, Bluetooth, wireless LAN and Wireless WAN. All of them help to bring the highest level of operational efficiency into businesses.

Since the VC9606 has been explicitly built for use on the road, it comes with features like an IP64 sealing that protect the device from penetration of dust and moisture, including liberal liquid spills. Added protection comes of industrial and military grade specifications against vibration, solar radiation, shock and jerks attributed to vehicle movement. Thus the vehicle on the move has no impact on the working of the VC9606 and keeps its uptime high.

The VC9606 comes with multiple hardware options and users can select peripherals and applications to suit the specific requirements of their business. It is best equipped for fleet management in the most comprehensible manner. It collects data of all involved parameters like driver performance, location, mileage and hours of service, and use it for all types of applications. Users can decide where and how to store and use data and yet retain all rights on it. The integrated Bluetooth feature helps to attach as many peripherals as required for an application.

Motorola VC6096 Vehicle Mount Terminal Video


Motorola VC6096 Vehicle Mount Terminal, wWAN HSDPA, WLAN 802.11A/B/G, GPS, Bluetooth, Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro, 128/256MB, 6.5 Inch VGA Display, Touch Screen

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Combination Antenna (wWAN and WLAN)

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Motorola VC6096 GPS Antenna

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Motorola VC6096 Cable Wan Rf

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Motorola VC6096 RF Cable For WLAN Antenna

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Cable Telemetry 6-Pin VC6096 De

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Motorola Vc6000 and VC6096 Cable 50 Pin Accy

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Motorola VC6096 Vehicle Mount Terminal Specification

Gps Data Communications
   Gps: SirFstarIII GSC3ef/lP GPS chipset;integrated autonomous GPS (a-GPS); SUPl 1.0 compliant

Performance Characteristics
   Cpu: XScale PXa270 624 MHz processor
   Operating System: Microsoft® Windows Mobile® 6.5 Professional Edition
   Memory (Ram/Rom): 128MB SDraM/256MB Flash

Physical And Environmental Characteristics
   Dimensions: 9.53 in. H x 9.25 in. W x 1.95 in. D; 24.2 cm H x 23.5 cm W x 4.95 cm D
   Weight: 4.85 lbs./2.2 kg
   External Keyboard: Full backlit QWErtY, 65-key with tactile feedback and audible key beep
   Power: Powered by vehicle: voltage input —10V to 33Vdc, negative ground, non-terminated power cable at vehicle end; maintained real time clock when external power is disconnected
   Soft Keys: Five: user programmable
   Display: 6.5 in. color VGa (640x480) resistive touchscreen
   Interface Ports: (2) USB 1.1 host type a connectors; (1) USB 1.1 device type mini-B connector (1) 10/100 Base-t Ethernet port (1) 50 pin auxiliary port to support: (1) SaE J1708 or SaE J1939 connection for reading from and writing to the engine bus; (2) full rS-232 connections (8) digital inputs (switch to ground or switch to vehicle battery voltage) (8) digital outputs (relay driver, 200ma drive capability) (2) analogue inputs, up to 34V maximum
   Expansion Slot: SD slot (maximum 2 GB)
   Audio: Headset mode (via Bluetooth wireless headset); speakerphone mode (via internal speaker and microphone); volume control
   Antenna: Combination WlaN/WWaN external antenna; internal Bluetooth antenna; external GPS antenna

User Environment
   Operating Temp.: -4° to 140° F/-20° to 60° C
   Storage Temp.: -40° to 140° F/-40° to 60° C
   Relative Humidity: Up to 95% non-condensing at 50° C
   Environmental Sealing: IP64 (dust tight and able to withstand splashing from any direction)
   Esd: ±15kV air discharge, ±8kV direct discharge
   Vibration: MIl-StD 810E, Method 514.4, Ground Mobile (VIII)
   Mechanical Shock: MIl-StD 810E 516.4, Procedure 1; Functional Shock
   Crash Hazard: MIl-StD-810E, 516.5 Proc VI
   Thermal Shock: -40° F to +176° F/-40° C to +80° C
   Salt Fog: MIl-StD 810F (survives eight hours of 5 percent salt solution fog at 35° C)
   Solar Radiation: MIl-StD 810E, Method 505.3, Procedure I
   Altitude: operating range: 1,200 ft./365 m below sea level to 15,000 ft./4,572 m above sea level

Wireless Lan Data Communications
   Wlan: IEEE 802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi radios
   Wlan Security: WPa2, WEP (40 or 128 bit), tKIP, tlS, ttlS (MS-CHaP), ttlS (MS-CHaP v2), ttlS (CHaP), ttlS-MD5, ttlS-PaP, PEaP-tlS, PEaP (MS-CHaP v2), aES, lEaP

Wireless Pan Data Communications
   Wpan (Bluetooth): Class II, v2.0 EDr, 3 Mb/s, internal antenna

Wireless Wan Data Communications
   Wwan Radio: GSM: 3.5G HSDPa