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The Symbol DS6708 is part of the exclusive 6700 series from Symbol Technologies that combines the functioning of three devices in a single one. It can scan 1D and 2D barcodes, work as a digital camera to capture images and scan documents as well. Thus it can meet a wide range of industry requirements where different types of data need to be scanned and used. Its on-board 1.3 megapixel camera and fine digital imaging technology make a powerful combination for businesses in the retail, healthcare, government and manufacturing sectors.

The Motorola DS6708 is known for its point and shoot mechanism that accurately delivers results for 1D, 2D or PDF 417 barcodes without the need to point the barcodes in a specific direction. It helps to maximize productivity and save time as the device switches automatically between handheld and hands free modes for items of varying sizes. It is suitable for both front desk and back room operations.

The DS6708 comes with text enhancing software that brings unparalleled document clarity and eases the documentation process and record keeping as well as transferring paper based documents into electronic files. This ensures accuracy in documents like the bill of lading, medical prescriptions and other fine print texts.

It also is a big cost saver since businesses no longer require multiple gadgets and their operational expenses also get reduced. Using the same device for multiple tasks is a big time saver as well, since the deployment of multiple devices is a time consuming exercise.

The DS6708 has been designed for non stop use with highest levels of reliability and uptime with no time wasted and this helps reduce total costs. Its easy installation, application flexibility and Remote Scanner Management are some of the biggest advantages that make it worth its cost.

Motorola DS6708 Cordless Barcode Scanner Video

Motorola DS6708 Cordless Barcode Scanner Features

Features include:

  • Superb decoding performance of barcode symbologies
  • Omnidirectional scanning possible
  • Integrated image and barcode capture
  • Large working range
  • Aiming pattern generated by laser
  • Intellistand option allows automatic switching between handheld and hands free scanning
  • CCD digital scanning technology brings laser type performance
  • Reduces costs of investment and operations
  • Time saving and highly efficient
  • Quick image transfer and multiple on board interfaces


Motorola DS6708 Scanner only: With Drivers License capability and Invision. Color: White. USB or RS-232 cable not included

£ 192.46 ex VAT


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Motorola DS 6708 Scanner Kit : (2D Image Scanner, Multi-Interface With ft. Stand Attached) - Color: Twilight Black

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£ 208.74 ex VAT


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Motorola DS6708 IBM Kit: IBM 468x, 469x (Port 9) interface kit. Includes 7 ft. Straight cable. Color: White

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Motorola DS6708 Scanner only: With Drivers License capability and Invision. Color: Black. USB or RS-232 cable not included

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