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Socket Mobile has been providing mobile productivity solutions for a diverse range of applications. Their latest products include the 7X and 7XRx, which are Bluetooth enabled, cordless and have the distinction of being compact and lightweight, highly portable and their long lasting battery makes them function for long hours without needing to be charged. Their Human Interface Device feature ensures that no additional software is required to be added to the host system to use them. The preloaded tangible vibration mode helps their successful scanning and data transfer operation in the toughest and noisiest environments. This makes them suitable for applications like inventory control, hospitality, retail, asset tracking and field services. The 7XRx comes with an antimicrobial shield, which makes it perfectly suited for hospital and medical services segment, to scan wristbands of patients, and read medication details without carrying any bacteria or other harmful germs customarily found in hospitals. Both the 7X and the 7XRx come equipped with multiple features that help to do away with the need for multiple attachments to the host system. Both are compatible with other Bluetooth devices like tablet, desktop and laptop PCs, handheld computers, smart phones and others. With a long battery life, their ergonomic design and low weight they can perform efficiently in a multi shift business. Reading 2D barcodes that are now becoming increasingly popular has become easier with both the 7X and 7XRx scanners.

Socket Socket 7X Cordless Barcode Scanner Video

Socket Socket 7X Cordless Barcode Scanner Features

Features include:

  • Tangible mode of vibration helps to confirm successful scans
  • Equipped Bluetooth Human Interface Device
  • Longer battery life
  • High density imaging technology
  • Longer Bluetooth range of 330 ft
  • Can read 1D and 2Dbarcodes from all directions
  • Protective antimicrobial casing in 7XRx
  • Can withstand multiple drops up to 5 ft


Socket Mobile 7X, Socket Mobile (Bluetooth, 7X, 2D, HID + SPP) - Pack of 20 scanners.

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Socket Mobile 7X, Socket Mobile (Bluetooth, 7X, 2D, SPP)

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