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This product has been discontinued (EOL). It is replaced by Gryphon L GD4300

The Datalogic FireScan scanner is ideally suited for light industrial applications, retail and office automation applications. Its ergonomic design and easy to use features include a 40-cm scan distance and effortless reading of damaged or torn barcodes with its PUZZLESOLVER. Its bright, well-defined scanning line allows quick multiple scanning and can be easily pointed towards codes at greater distances. Available I three different models, it can read the Reduced Space Symbologies (RSS), the latest emerging symbology capable of being printed on very small labels, as well.

Datalogic FireScan Handheld Barcode Scanner Video

Datalogic FireScan Handheld Barcode Scanner Features

Features include:

  • Sunrise 2005 compliant
  • RSS-14 decoding capability
  • Ergonomic design and light in weight
  • Easy update capability
  • Intuitive barcode aiming
  • Well-defined scan line


Usb, Keyboard Wedge And RS232 Interface With Wand

This part number is replaced by GD4330-BK

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RS232 And IMB64XX Interface With Wand

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Datalogic FireScan Handheld Barcode Scanner More info

The Datalogic Firescan provides the most effective and advanced characteristics for light industrial applications, retail, and office automation.  Ease of use provides the operator with the latest updates of laser utilities.  The software configuration has the potential to read at distances of over 40 centimeters with vivid scan lines and allows for accurate pointing from elevated heights.

Three models are offered through Firescan  handheld computer that provide diverse interfacing applications.  A business requiring a bond with IBM 46xx cash registers would necessitate a D111 device.  Common connections such as USB, Keyboard Wedge, RS-232, and Wand Emulation are found with the D131 unit.  Compatibility between a flatbed scanner and the reader for deciphering technology is found standard in the D141.  New marketing strategies request a greater amount of information coded in symbols on a smaller label.  The GS1 DataBar gives Firescan the ability to print these markings successfully on a bar code.

Compatibility with future applications is standard and the unit is easily updated to insure the operator always utilizes a current scanning device.  Puzzle Solver technology can be installed for clarifying hard to read bar codes that are damaged or inadequately printed.  Amendments to scanned information can be completed through the use of Data Editing and Data Formatting software.  This is necessary for reaching compatibility with various host systems.  Businesses will find this beneficial to productivity due to the in-field access to updates.