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This product has been discontinued (EOL). No direct replacement available.

The Metrologic MS9521 Voyager HD is the most advanced scanner available to meet all the high-density barcode requirements with its single line handheld scanning. It can be used both as in-stand and out-of-stand with its automatic triggering scheme that provides high visibility automatic activation. Ideally suited for retail POS applications, light warehousing and healthcare sectors, it can decode barcodes that have a minimum width of .076mm besides the standard barcodes.

Honeywell MS9521 Handheld Barcode Scanner Video

Honeywell MS9521 Handheld Barcode Scanner Features

Features include:

  • Automatic trigger operation
  • Custom editing of barcode data
  • User replaceable cables
  • Bumper-to-cable warranty
  • Reasonably priced


Keyboard Wedge Masked Stand And Hard Mount, Colour: Black

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Honeywell MS9521 USB Kit: Includes Scanner, With Coiled Cable, 5V Power Supply, Stand, Colour: Black

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Honeywell MS9521USB Kit: Includes Scanner, With Low Speed Direct Cable, With Stand, Colour: Grey

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Honeywell MS9521 Handheld Barcode Scanner More info

VoyagerCG® MS9521 is equipped with Metrologic’s patented CodeGate® technology. CodeGate is the most trusted scanning system that is ideal for almost all the scanning applications whether it is menu-scanning, document processing, inventory control or point-of-sale.

Hand held CodeGate the scanners work deploying Metrologic’s patented automatic-triggering process. When this scanner is brought near to the barcode high-visibility 650-nanometer laser gets automatically activated. This allows the user to select the bar code to be scanned with more ease. Just with a soft press of CodeGate button, data is transmitted to the connected network.

Equipped with ‘in-stand’ and ‘out-of-stand’ operation technology, Voyager scanners model can be used as a hand-held moving and fixed scanners. Voyager automatically senses the coded information when it is placed in a stand as well as it de-activates CodeGate button to avoid any delicacy in reporting or information transfer.

If you think that there is no need of using such an advanced technology that is used in CodeGate, MS9521 is another good option of Voyager model. MS9520 comes with all the features, which are packed in MS9540 but with the exception of CodeGate.

Metrologic scanners come with standard features such as: PowerLink user-replaceable cables, user programmable Flash ROM, MetroSet®2 and MetroSelect® configuration, data editing (parsing) capability using Bits ‘n’ Pieces®, EMI rating of Class Because apart from 5-years warranty.