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Datalogic's Jet is meant for professional PDAs that use enterprise-computing applications to be applied at every step of supply chain management from planning to production, warehousing and transportation. The Jet can transfer information at any time to any place and offers versatility in warehouse management applications. It is robust and reliable and incorporates fully integrated automatic data capture of barcodes and RFID images, has top class wireless communication capabilities like WLAN, WWAN and WPAN. These combined with its lightweight and ergonomic exterior make it a pleasure to use.

Datalogic Jet Enterprise PDA Video

Datalogic Jet Enterprise PDA Features

Features include:

  • Microsoft Windows CE4.2 .NET operating system
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPRS/GSM
  • Large sized high visibility color graphic display
  • Data capture options include Laser, Imager and Laser + RFID HF-ISO 13.56 MHz
  • IP64 protection class


High performance Layout, With Bluetooth, Functional Layout Keyboard, Running on Windows CE Mobile

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With Bluetooth, High Performance Laser, GSM-GPRS, Functional Layout Keyboard, Running on Windows CE Mobile

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Datalogic Jet Enterprise PDA More info

The Datalogic JET Handheld computer, has been improved through the use of state-of-the-art construction and some of the most advanced technology on the market. The JET now provides and improved functionality as well as more suitable power levels ideal for computing, capturing, and communicating data in a more efficient matter.
Adding to the already high level of robustness and superior reliability provided by Datalogic PDAs the JET offers other unique features such as a fully automatic data capture utility, and top of the ling wireless communication abilities. It comes pre equipped with a function-based keyboard and a web-based application to provide for any HTML needs as well. Because of these key additions the JET is perfectly suited for force automation in the field as well as logistics applications in stores and warehouses.  
The Datalogic JET™ provides companies the ability to effectively utilize and manage their resources for shipping, receiving and storage. For instance, by using the extended mobility feature an employee can not only monitor all inventories in real time, but also keep control over all the stock movements within the company, thereby decreasing the overall cost of operations.
The Datalogic JET provides professionals with various features that are necessary to operation within demanding work environments. Drop resistance, reliability, long battery life, and flexible communication and data collection. Included with the JET is a user only accessible memory slot so the users can either back up or extend their current memory usage, thereby optimizing their mobility options.
The JET is an ideal system for those who need a completely mobile data and inventory management system. Thanks in large part to a superior set of accessories including a cigarette lighter adapter, vehicle cradle, and mounting kit, there are few PDA systems that can offer the same level of portability and control as the JET.