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The MC35 is handheld computer from Motorola designed for employees on-the-move. The Enterprise Digital Assistant keeps colleagues, clients and the business systems connected, thereby saving time and costs besides enhancing efficiency and productivity. The Motorola MC35 is a mobile phone, notebook, camera and barcode scanner combined into a single gadget. The MC 35 serves as the best gadget for a mobile work force to stay accessible and connected. Its rugged casing ensures that it remains damage free in tough working conditions. Both voice and data transmission from the same device help in increasing mobility of the work force without hampering the pace of their work.

Motorola MC35 Enterprise PDA Video

Motorola MC35 Enterprise PDA Features

Features include:

  • Latest Intel processor XScale PXA270 @ 416MHz.
  • Latest Microsoft Operating System Windows Mobile 5.0 Phone Version
  • Push to talk function
  • WWAN: EDGE GPRS/GSM compatible
  • WLAN and WPAN Bluetooth v 1.2
  • Touch screen and optional keyboard functionality


Motorola AC Charger for US, EU, UK, and AU

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2 Year Service from the Start Service Center Bronze. Includes Comprehensive Coverage. Does not include coverage for cradles

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Motorola MC35 Enterprise PDA More info

Total Mobile Business Usability

The MC35 device is built with a purpose to deliver amazing usability for business communications in your workforce. The mobile voice functionality offers superior voice quality while showcasing an acoustic performance in real time. The MC35 device offers flexible features to the mobile worker like speakerphone and headset controls providing options like walk-talkie style communication, one-on-one, and conference options—practical for everyday business needs. The MC35 offers a reliable and dependable data connection that enables your mobile users to quickly connect to business email, text and multi-messaging, internet browsing, and other various business systems necessary for everyday business transactions. With features like data capture and a Smartphone-like functionality offers added features that business elites can appreciate having in their workforce. Get the power of integrated business communications; all that can be easily monitored at your convenience. From phone calls to the use of email, and instant messaging to text messaging, it’s all covered by the MC35 because it is made for total mobile business usability.

As business elites know, email functionality essential to mobile workers across the globe. The MC35 delivers full mobile functionality including quick access to email, delivering the ability to download and see corresponding attachments on the go. No need to wait for sluggish, slow devices. The device’s on-board camera offers full spectrum color a very easy to use interface because users can switch between the traditional camera use and the bar code applications. The reading capabilities are easy to access by pressing a simple, functional switch on the side of the MC35 device. You will find an integrated Cam Wedge application built into the device which distinguishes between 1D and 2D codes instantly. Your mobile workforce is offered a wide range of instant bar code applications used for quick scanning. And, access to essential personal productivity tools like built in calendars, address books, and internet browsing or messaging tools allow mobile workers to stay in touch with the rest of the workforce throughout the day. No more excuses, just productivity and total usability.


A gazillion applications at the fingertips of mobile workers

You want to improve productivity. You want to equip your workers with the right technology for the right environment. When you give your mobile workers the MC35, you put power in their hands. Features like the integrated GPS, laptop feature, built in camera, and the bar code applications used for quick scanning empower the mobile worker with the right equipment to get the job done.  Robust communication options such as the feature of walkie-talkie capability and private phone calls allow for flexibility in communication. On-the-go internet browsing access enables your workforce to enjoy the convenience of laptop-like functionality, while staying connected throughout the day. Essential business functions like email access, responding to and sending meeting requests and relaying critical information happen in real time, instantly. Documenting and responding to situations of concern, such as damaged shipments, is easy and efficient because of the integrated two megapixel camera. The camera feature also allows retail personnel the ability to verify the condition of received goods, and more. The device will streamline the processes of your existing procedures, and improve customer responsiveness. Your workforce is revolutionized with instant applications that can read bar codes and respond to active shipments. Retail workers can quickly verify the pricing and inventory levels for any customer by utilizing the bar code applications. Searching stockrooms or running cumbersome computer searches are instantly eliminated—productivity is then increased. Pharmaceutical salespeople often find the MC35 effective in meeting law regulatory requirements of capturing physician signatures and scanning medication samples when necessary



Not just for enterprise—but for every day, too

The MC35 offers business elites the complete versatility – sleek styling design and durability suitable for everyday use. Technologically-advanced applications endure enterprise use. Impact testing across a variety of operating temperature ranges help to ensure a reliable device, no matter what the environment is. Internal WWAN WLAN and WPAN communication eliminate common device vulnerability like security issues or voice quality. The device features industrial connectors which are robust in design and endure the everyday use of headset jacks and charging cables which are used throughout the business day. The device keyboard is tested rigorously. It can accommodate actuations and swipes up to 1 million. Overall, you can feel confident that the MC35 delivers dependable performance for all of the challenges that present themselves in today’s rigorous world of mobile enterprise.


Get total business value through a low cost of ownership (TCO) while maximum uptime

With the MC35, your mobile workers will be empowered with the tools they need to receive, respond, and react to business communications quickly. Business productivity and your workforce responsiveness are improved instantly while customer service and customer satisfaction also enjoy upturn. The device offers an ease of use and a strong functionality. This ensures that mobile workers will become accustomed to the MC35 quickly and ensures a rapid return on your investment as well. The durable device also offers a product life that exceeds any other PDA or traditional Smartphone in the market. It delivers the product value you expect while lowering your total cost of ownership—while eliminating the need for other devices. To protect your investment and maintain the device performance, Motorola offers Service from the Start with an option for Comprehensive coverage. This unique service—a leader in the industry—goes far beyond the normal wear and tear to include accidental damage on features like displays, and keyboards, and other internal and external components—at no additional charge. No other company can say that. This added benefit will significantly reduce your costs for unforeseen repair expenses that commonly happen. The comprehensive service will ensure that your workforce continues to receive the data they need and expect without any interruption of service. Options such as Commissioning Service and fast, Express Shipping put the product in action right away while minimizing downtime.