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Give your field workforce all the tools they need to work faster and smarter with the rugged 4G HSPA+ MC67. What can workers do with the MC67? Everything they need to get the job done. Access information in almost any backend system. Scan practically any bar code. Call a customer with an updated arrival window. Capture documents to enrich business intelligence and simplify recordkeeping. Take and send video and photos for real-time repair support. All at 4G HSPA+ speed. So whether your mobile workforce is fixing equipment, making deliveries, taking orders, performing inspections or issuing citations, they?ll have all the tools they need to improve task efficiency, task accuracy and customer service, all in a single super-rugged device

Motorola MC67 Enterprise PDA Video

Motorola MC67 Enterprise PDA Features

  • High-speed cellular and Wi-Fi wireless connections
    3.75G HSPA , 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1 EDR and best-in-class GPS brings your workers the best voice, data and peripheral connections available.
  • Our most rugged compact mobile computer
    Whatever your employees dish out, the MC67 can take it. You can drop it on concrete, drop it in water, use it in the heat, cold, rain, snow and more.
  • Capture rich photographic intelligence
    A picture is worth a thousand words, so we included a high-resolution auto-focus 8 MP camera with external flash that allows workers to document the condition of deliveries, assets and more in virtually all lighting conditions.
  • Built-in support for OS-agnostic applications
    With support for RhoMobile applications integrated in the MC67, you can support HTML5 browser-based, OS-agnostic applications — taking time and cost out of application development.
  • Crystal clear voice
    With Dual-Microphone Noise Cancellation technology, background noise is greatly reduced — all anyone will ever hear is you.

MC67, WLAN 802.11 a/b/g/n, HSPA+, Ruggedized Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA), Blockbuster 2D Imager and 8MP Camera, Windows Professional, English, VGA Display and QWERTY Keypad , 512MB/1GB/GPS,

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Motorola MC67 Enterprise PDA Specification

Data Capture
   Options: 2D Se4500-Sr imager; 2D Se4500-Sr imager + 8 Mp Camera; 2D Se4500-Dl imager + 8 Mp Camera; 2D Se4500-Dl imager; 2D Se4500-DpM/HD + 8 Mp camera
   Data Types: 1D/2D bar codes, photographs, video, signatures and documents
   Voice And Audio: High-quality speakerphone; wireless (bluetooth) headset support; handset/speakerphone modes

Interactive Sensor Technology (Ist)
   Motion Sensor: 3-axis accelerometer provides motion-sensing for dynamic screen orientation and power management
   Light Sensor: Ambient light sensor auto adjusts display backlight brightness
   Digital Compass: Navigational aid for users on foot

Performance Characteristics
   Cpu: Dual core 1GHz oMAp 4 processor
   Operating System: Microsoft® embedded Handheld 6.5 professional
   Memory: 512 Mb rAM/2 Gb Flash

   Dimensions: 6.38 in. l x 3.03 in. W x 1.32 in. D; 162.2 mm l x 77 mm W x 33.5 mm D
   Weight: 13.5 oz./385 g (with rechargeable 3600mAh lithium ion battery)
   Display: 3.5 in. color VGA display, touch, 640 x 480 portrait, 650+ Nits
   Touchpanel: Glass analog resistive touch
   Backlight: LED backlight
   Standard Battery: rechargeable lithium ion 3.7V, 3600 mAh battery
   Backup Battery: Ni-MH battery (rechargeable) 15mAh 3.6V; nominal (not user-accessible or replaceable)
   Expansion Slot: Micro SD card slot (supports up to 32Gb)
   Communication: interface: USB 2.0 high speed (host and client)
   Notifcation: Audible tone plus multi-color leDs
   Keypad Options: Numeric, QWertY, AZertY, QWertZ, piM, DSD
   Audio: Dual microphone support with noise cancellation; vibrate alert; speaker; bluetooth headset

User Environment
   Operating Temp.: -4° F to 122° F/-20° C to 50° C
   Storage Temp.: -40° F to 158° F/-40° C to 70° C
   Humidity: 5 to 95% non-condensing
   Drop Specifcation: Multiple 8 ft./2.4 m drops per Mil-StD 810G at room temperature; 6 ft./1.8 m per Mil-StD 810G across the operating temperature range
   Tumble Specifcation: 1,000 1.6 ft./0.5 meter tumbles (2,000 drops) at room temperature; per applicable ieC tumble specifcations
   Sealing: IP67 per ieC specifcation
   Vibration: 4g’s pK Sine (5Hz to 2KHz); 0.04g2/Hz random(20Hz to 2KHz); 60 minute duration per axis, 3 axes
   Thermal Shock: -40° F to 158° F/-40° C to 70° C rapid transition
   Esd: ± 15kv Air discharge, ± 8kv direct discharge, ± 8kv indirect discharge

   Warranty: Subject to the terms of Motorola’s hardware warranty statement, the MC67 is warranted against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 1 (one) year from the date of shipment. For complete warranty statement, go to:

Wireless Lan Voice And Data Communications
   Radio: tri-mode ieee® 802.11a/b/g/n
   Security: WpA2 (personal or enterprise); 802.1x; eAp-tlS; ttlS (CHAp, MS-CHAp, MS-CHApv2, pAp or MD5); peAp (tlS, MSCHApv2, eAp-GtC); leAp, eAp-FASt (tlS, MS-CHApv2, eAp-GtC)
   Data Rates: 1, 2, 5.5, 6, 9, 11, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 54 and up to 72.2 Mbps
   Voice Communication: Voice-over-ip ready, Wi-Fi-certifed, ieee; 802.11a/b/g/n direct sequence wireless lAN, Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM and WMM-pS); Motorola Voice Quality Manager (VQM)
   Wireless Pan Voice And Data Communications: bluetooth Class ii, v2.1 with enhanced Data rate (eDr)

Wireless Voice And Data Communications
   Wan: radio: 4G HSpA+ Frequency band: uMtS/HSDpA and HSupA — 850, 900, 1900 and 2100 MHz; GSM/eDGe: 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz
   Wlan: push-to-talk (ptt); Voip-ready
   Integrated Gps: integrated standalone and Assisted-GpS (A-GpS): Supl 1.0